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    vSphere Replication Setup

    monarch684 Novice

      I have been tasked with setting up vSphere Replication in our environment.  I have the appliance installed and configured.  However, I am receiving the following error when trying to replicate a VM.



      Operation Failed

      Synchronization monitoring has stopped. Please verify replication traffic connectivity between the source host and the target vSphere Replication Server. Synchronization monitoring will resume when connectivity issues are resolved.

      Operation ID: 5924d2f3-6423-4346-a884-29f906a3d9f4


      From what I have been reading, this is a network configuration issue.  I am unable to figure out where the misconfiguration is.  What do I need to post here so that someone can help me identify the issue?


      Basic Details


      vSphere Client version

      vSphere Replication Appliance Build 16284275


      Thank you in advance.

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          bbalido9 Novice



          Follow steps below:


          SSh to esxi host where Vm is running

          get vm id:


          vim-cmd vmsvc/getallvms |grep -i (vm name)


          Then get remote replication service IP where VM is sending replication data to.


          vim-cmd hbrsvc/vmreplica.getConfig (VMID)


          Then check if ESXi host can ping to replication server IP.


          Check if replication is being used by default management vmkernel (vmk0) or dedicated replication vmkernel.

          PS: check on web client GUI for host vmkernel adapters if replication is enabled ( box tick)


          Then just attempt to ping target ip.


          vmkping -I vmk0 x.x.x.x


          If the host cannot ping then troubleshoot with your network team.


          PS: if the host can ping but VM replication is still not working then try to add the route to ESXi host.


          esxcfg-route -a (dr Vrms ip address/32) (production gateway actual )


          once completed just then check vm replication:


          vim-cmd hbrsvc/vmreplica.getState VMID


          If still no activity then try to sync vm on command:

          vim-cmd hbrsvc/vmreplica.create VMID


          PS: this should do the trick.

          If still not working then try to stop replication and VMotion VM to another ESXi host and check if the host can ping replication IP and reconfigure VM replication.


          Hope this helps.

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            ashilkrishnan Enthusiast
            VMware Employees



            Adding to what user 'bbalido9' had already mentioned:


            Once you have established that the source ESXi host can ping the target VR appliance, ensure host can reach to target VR appliance on port 31031. This port is required to initiate replications.


            If there is a port connectivity issue, /var/log/vmkernel.log on source ESXi host will clearly report the error

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              monarch684 Novice

              I am able to ping from both hosts from the VMkernel adapters.  There is also already a route.  I did find this in the logs:


              2020-06-19T10:36:00.525Z cpu2:2144144)WARNING: Hbr: 554: Connection failed to 10.1.x.x (groupID=GID-540795df-d726-48d9-b7ac-25a372cdcac5): Timeout

              2020-06-19T10:36:00.525Z cpu2:2144144)WARNING: Hbr: 4813: Failed to establish connection to [10.1.x.x]:31031(groupID=GID-540795df-d726-48d9-b7ac-25a372cdcac5): Timeout


              The 10.1.x.x is the management IP on the replication appliance.  I am thinking I need to open that port on the appliance, but I am at a loss of how to do so.  I tried the following to get a list of open ports but received an error.


              root@VMReplication [ ~ ]# esxcli network firewall ruleset list

              -bash: esxcli: command not found

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                ashilkrishnan Enthusiast
                VMware Employees

                It does seem like a port connectivity issue between the host and VR appliance. vSphere replication appliance does not have any configurations/firewalls for ports and the esxcli commands are for ESXi host.


                Please check the following:


                1. If you are using a dedicated vmkernel instead of management vmkernel, ensure vSphere replication traffic is enabled on it.

                2. Ensure ESXi host has HBR service enabled on firewall  VMware Knowledge Base

                3. Test port connectivity from ESXi host to target VR appliance:  nc -z  VR_IP  31031

                VMware Knowledge Base


                If the host still fails to establish a connection on port 31031, it's either a physical network device or firewall application that might be blocking the port

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                  monarch684 Novice

                  This is what I have setup on both hosts:

                  The hosts are directly connected to each other.  No physical switch/firewall between.


                  Port properties

                  Network label Replication

                  VLAN ID None (0)

                  TCP/IP stack Default

                  Enabled services vSphere ReplicationvSphere Replication NFC

                  IPv4 settings

                  DHCP Disabled

                  IPv4 address (static) <- The second host is

                  Subnet mask

                  Default gateway

                  DNS server addresses 10.1.x.x 10.1.x.x

                  NIC settings

                  MAC address

                  MTU 1500


                  Promiscuous mode Reject

                  MAC address changes Accept

                  Forged transmits Accept

                  Traffic shaping

                  Average bandwidth --

                  Peak bandwidth --

                  Burst size --

                  Teaming and failover

                  Load balancing Route based on originating virtual port

                  Network failure detection Link status only

                  Notify switches Yes

                  Failback Yes

                  Active adapters vmnic8

                  Standby adapters vmnic9

                  Unused adapters --


                  Results from nc:

                  [root@localhost:~] nc -z 10.1.x.x 31031

                  Connection to 10.1.x.x 31031 port [tcp/*] succeeded!



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                    ashilkrishnan Enthusiast
                    VMware Employees

                    If you have configured routing on ESXi host, can you check if similar routing is configured on target VR appliance. This has to be manually configured and you can use following document as a reference(Refer step.4):


                    Configure Routing on the vSphere Replication Appliances in Each Region

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                      monarch684 Novice

                      I have set the routes as follows:


                      Replication Appliance


                      Destination  Gateway    Genmask



                      10.1.x.0        10.1.x.x




                      Network     Netmask                  Gateway

                      default                     10.1.x.x




                      Still have the following error

                      2020-06-22T08:21:46.043Z cpu14:2144144)WARNING: Hbr: 554: Connection failed to 10.1.x.x (groupID=GID-540795df-d726-48d9-b7ac-25a372cdcac5): Timeout

                      2020-06-22T08:21:46.043Z cpu14:2144144)WARNING: Hbr: 4813: Failed to establish connection to [10.1.x.x]:31031(groupID=GID-540795df-d726-48d9-b7ac-25a372cdcac5): Timeout

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                        monarch684 Novice

                        I ran Wireshark and it appears that the VMs are not talking to each other.  The only traffic I see is from vCenter to Host and vice versa.  How else could I check this?