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    Thinapp crash ntdll.dll on thinapp 5.2.7 (paint.net)

    dedaenicon Lurker


      I'm trying to package paint.net 4.2.12 on an ESXi infrastructure VM running Windows 10 LTSC 2019 (Windows 10 1809). The VM is pretty vanilla.

      I'm using thinapp capture 5.2.7 (latest version to date) but after the capture when I start the paint.net thinapp

      - the thinapp label box appears and disappears normally on the desktop bottom-right corner

      - the mouse cursor spins for a while

      - no application starts

      - a crash event is generated in the event viewer

      --- error module:      ntdll.dll

      --- exception code:  0xc0000005


      I enabled the degbug entry point for cmd and regedit and they run normally, but every other entrypoint in the thinapp doesn't start.

      I think it is similar to an error I got with filezilla client some months ago with a slightly different setup (never solved)


      Any hints on how to debug this?




      PS: the thinapp package doesn't work either on the very same VM where the capture happened, not even right after the capture. The installed captured application works flawlessly.