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    NFS 4.1 ESXI 6.7 Storage Lost, had to reboot host to recover. Is there a patch ?

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      recently we had to upgrade our NetApp storage. We thought the upgrade would be nondisruptive since the NetApp has two aggregates and each can take over the other. However both of our hosts that were running ESXI 6.7 lost their NFS 4.1 storage that was on the NetApp. The weird part is that we still had network connectivity, I could ping the device from both hosts, but we couldn't bring up the NFS storage. I tried to add the storage again, but there was a message telling me that the same entry already exists, so the only way to get over this was to do a reboot. Of course I couldn't migrate the VMs and resources, because we have lost access to the VCenter which was living on the said lost storage ... Long story short after the reboot everything was back to normal. I've been told by a fellow colleague that this happens because of a missing patch on the ESXI 6.7 . So my million dollar question is : which is the patch and where do I get it. He told me that the problem is there only with NFS 4.1 and NFS 3 is not affected but we need some of the features of NFS 4.1 so we have to stick with it.

      Thank you in advance.

      Any input would be greatly appreciated.