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    SwapThickProvisionDisabled : is only for vsan?

    Luca82 Enthusiast

      Hi everyone, as far i know SwapThickProvisionDisabled is no more available on vsan since vswp has been always thin....but my question is: is it possible to use that advanced option also out of vsan? If I need to thin provision the vswp on a traditional datastore....is it possible? Thank you...

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          Hello Luca82


          As the name of the parameter indicates (/VSAN/SwapThickProvisionDisabled) this is only applicable to vSAN .vswp Objects stored on vsanDatastore.

          A potential way of reducing the size of .vswp on VMFS would be to apply partial/full memory reservations for VMs, though do consider this more carefully (and not just blanket apply to all VMs) if you are over-committing memory.