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    Loosing access to virtual machine running on vSphere with Lost access to volume and bootbank cannot be found errors

    dantravis Lurker



      We have vSphere esxi v 6.7 running on a Dell Optiplex 7060 PC which has a Win 10 Virtual Machine running on it.


      Virtual machine becomes inaccessible once every few days. Reboot option through vSphere web and through SSH does not work.


      Starts working only after CPU is rebooted.


      Usual errors displayed in the events are (Also refer attached screen shots)


      Lost access to volume Datastore due to connectivity issues.

      Issue detected in ha-datacenter. Bootbank cannot be found at path '/bootbank'



      We have the same issue across 4 different hosts running on same dell Optiplex 7060 PC, all have a 500 gb SSD for storage.


      I have installed latest patch available for vsphere 6.7 update 3. Current build: 6.7.0 Update 3 (Build 16075168).


      Disabled ATS - ESXi host loses connectivity to a VMFS datastore (2113956)  as per the following article



      However issue still persists.


      Please help me resolve this problem.