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    Consultas sobre Skyline collector

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      •    Si queremos no seguir utilizando la herramienta que pasa con los datos que recopilo la nube privada.

      ·         Skyline collector tiene alguna base de datos si es así cuál es su tamaño?.

      ·         Cuál es el tamaño de los log que recopila Skyline collector?.

      ·         Por cuanto tiempo mantiene los logs Skyline collector?

      ·         Se puede agregar más de un site (vcenter) a un Skyline collector?

      ·         Skyline collector puede afectar a la performance de un vcenter, al recopilar datos de este?

      ·         Skyline collector tiene algún componente de alta disponibilidad o que me medidas se toman en caso de que este falle?

      ·         Se puede instalar algún software a Skyline collector, como antivirus o analizar la información que este obtiene, por temas de seguridad?

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            Hello Erparelange,


            Please find the response below.


            · Skyline collector has a database if so what is its size ?.

                 #The Skyline Collector do not have any internal database it only transfer the data thought API to VMware Analytical Cloud.


            · What is the size of the logs that Skyline collector collects?

                 #Log collection size depends on, How big customer environment is and how frequently changes been done.


            · How long do you keep the Skyline collector logs?

                 #We do have 13 months retention policy. Ref: https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/55928


            · Can more than one site (vcenter) be added to a Skyline collector?

                 #It's recommended to have different collector or each geographical site. If you have vCenter in same site, you can add multiple vCetner to same collector.


            · Skyline collector can affect the performance of a vcenter, when collecting data from it?

                 #Skyline collector will not have any performance impact on vCenter.


            · Does Skyline collector have any high availability component or what measures are taken in case this fails?

                 #The Skyline Collector does not have any built-in HA components. We recommend customers utilize vSphere HA to recover the Skyline Collector, if the ESXi host that the Collector virtual      appliance is running on fails.


            · Can you install any software to Skyline collector, such as antivirus or analyze the information it obtains, for security reasons?

                 #The Skyline Collector is hardened as-part of our release process, therefore, we do not support the installation of any 3rd-party software. Additionally, the capability does not exist today for a      customer to analyze the product usage data collected by the Skyline Collector.


            Note: Response using google translator