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    Unable to generate a VMkernel zdump from dump file

    Lubo159 Lurker

      Coredump file configured:


      [root@zhost1:~] esxcli system coredump file get
        Active: /vmfs/volumes/5c502d18-996b2376-d466-a41f72d330a9/vmkdump/zhost1-vmkdump.dumpfile
        Configured: /vmfs/volumes/5c502d18-996b2376-d466-a41f72d330a9/vmkdump/zhost1-vmkdump.dumpfile


      No coredump partition or network server configured:


      [root@zhost1:~] esxcli system coredump partition get
      [root@zhost1:~] esxcli system coredump network get
        Enabled: false
        Host VNic:
        Is Using IPv6: false
        Network Server IP:
        Network Server Port: 0


      When I try to extract the vmkernel zdump:


      [root@zhost1:~] esxcfg-dumppart --file --copy --devname /vmfs/volumes/5c502d18-996b2376-d466-a41f72d330a9/vmkdump/zhost1-vmkdump.dumpfile
      --zdumpname /vmfs/volumes/STORE/zhost1-vmkernel-zdump
      DiagnosticPartition: Unable to copy the dump file: WARNING: Start offset less than header size!


      Host details:



      Build 15160138


      Configured coredump file by following https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/2077516 and tried to generate the log file by following https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/2081902


      Does anyone know why I'm seeing that error and unable to extract the log?