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    Cert Manager Tool Not Working / VCSA Web UI Not Accessible

    ctucci Novice

      Rebooted VCSA because it was behaving strangely with getting hosts into maintenance mode and it came back up but can't access web interface, I get "No healthy upstream" error. So, I can SSH in and I checked the vxpd.log file and it complains about expired certificates, etc... I want to launch the certificate tool in the command line to just reset all certs and see if that fixes the vxpd service not loading at all so I use /usr/lib/vmware-vmca/bin/certificate-manager and choose option 8 to reset all certs but I get "Certificate Manager tool do not support vCenter HA systems" which makes no sense because I don't and never did have HA enabled for VCSA itself.


      How can I fix this so I can reset certs and hopefully get the appliance working again. Right now my only access is via SSH or appliance management webpage. Regular vCenter UI is down I am guessing because vpxd service won't start.