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    NTP Server for ESXi and VMs/ drift

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      Hi , Please could you clarify the following question?

      we should synchronize  ESXi host with NTP server , to prevent the drift , We have been verifying them from Sphere client  and dashboard ( version  6.7) 

      We have some concern about it :

      1 - we know that every time when we restart VMs they fetch the time from ESXi host where they belong. We know that ESXi would be NTP Client and we could point to  NTP Server IP address, because customer has a dedicated NTP server only for this installation. Our concern is about , if we do not restart the VMs  for some months , Is it possible that we could have a drift between the time from ESXi host and VMs ?

      If so , we should configure one of the VM as NTP client to fetch the time also from NTP Server ( IP address)  and also  VM as  NTP Server   to  broadcast the time to other VMs which their OSs is Windows. Would it be a good practice?

      2 - Regarding to poll time from ESXi to fetch the time  from NTP Server , the dashboard  from VSphere client to configure NTP from ESXi  does not show the poll time between ESXi ( NTP Client)  and NTP Server as usually  when we are in windows machine which we can see  it through specific registry like   SpecialPollInterval.

      Is this poll interval fixed?


      Thanks for your support



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          You're trying to make things too complicated. ESXi will take its time from an upstream NTP server. You should have 3 such servers that are within the local infrastructure and NOT on the Internet. VMs can be configured to either take their time from ESXi (there is no drift because it does not use the network) or not. You're always welcome to configure NTP clients inside your guests and let them take their time from the same internal NTP servers as ESXi.