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    Datastores missing after power failure

    Close_Up Lurker


      I have a HP Micro server at home. There are 4 4TB disk in it.  I had a power failure and  then the ESXI 5.5 wouldn't boot anymore. So I downloaded the image again and did an upgrade and now it boots again but my datastores are gone. I see in the Var/log/vmkernel.log that there is still something there because a vm that was running gives an error. I see the VM name in the error.


      2020-06-12T21:05:19.876Z cpu0:36039)etherswitch: L2Sec_EnforcePortCompliance:155: client [servername] requested promiscuous mode on port 0x2000006, disallowed by vswitch policy


      I also have this error:

      2020-06-12T21:07:50.617Z cpu1:33325)NMP: nmp_ThrottleLogForDevice:2321: Cmd 0x85 (0x412e80885300, 34385) to dev "naa.600508b1001c27ae1dacdc4789853a81" on path "vmhba1:C0:T0:L0" Failed: H:0x0 D:0x2 P:0x0 Valid sense data: 0x5 0x20 0x0. Act:NONE


      2020-06-12T21:07:50.617Z cpu1:33325)ScsiDeviceIO: 2337: Cmd(0x412e80885300) 0x85, CmdSN 0x403 from world 34385 to dev "naa.600508b1001c27ae1dacdc4789853a81" failed H:0x0 D:0x2 P:0x0 Valid sense data: 0x5 0x20 0x0.


      Any advice ?