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    Unable to prepare disk for vSAN

    dazpreuss Lurker

      Good afternoon,


      I have 6 hosts with 7 SSDs each in a single cluster.


      I have previously configured the SSDs on some hosts as datastores.  I have just finished my vSphere course and would like to configure vSAN.  I have noticed that the SSDs that have previously been used as datastores are not available to contribute towards the vSAN.


      I have read a KB https://www.viktorious.nl/2014/04/15/vsan-local-disks-showing-wipe-disks-straight-esxi-console/  regarding the requirement to erase partitiions from the disks to remove artefacts.  One explained the fdisk process which has now been deprecated and replaced by partedUtil




      When i explore a particular disk i can see legacy partitions:



      When i try to delete partitions I receive a READ ONLY error:


      Via VCenter i can see the drive and legacy vSAN partitions:


      If i try to erase the partitions it fails.



      Any guidance would be greatly appreciated