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    VMware Integrated OpenStack academic license.

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      Hello all and thanks in advance for answering my question.


      I have a question regarding the VMware Integrated OpenStack academic license type (VS6-OSTACK-LIC-A and VS6-OSTACK-LIC-C). I am currently enrolled in a college for my bachelor's in Information Technology, and I am very interested in OpenStack, which I want to dive in to learn more. Researching for some Openstack vendors, I found that VMware has an integrated OpenStack solution where it calls my attention. Looking for the license(s), I did find this cheap academic license sold by the welcome to CDW. My questions are that what is the difference between these two licenses (VS6-OSTACK-LIC-A and VS6-OSTACK-LIC-C). Also, can I buy my own one of these licenses without any other purchases?



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