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    VUM upgrade fails - ramdisk (upgradescratch) is full

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      I am trying to push an ESXi 6.7 upgrade via VUM but keep getting this log (and fails) in vmkernel and the scratch partition is on a SAN datastore with plenty of free space



      MemSchedAdmit: 471: Admission failure in path: upgradescratch/upgradescratch

      MemSchedAdmit: 489: upgradescratch (289688) extraMin/extraFromParent: 1/1, upgradescratch (289687) childEmin/eMinLimit: 92160/92160

      WARNING: VisorFSRam: 206: Cannot extend visorfs file /upgrade_scratch/QEDENTV.V00 because its ramdisk (upgradescratch) is full.



      Any suggestions as to which disk/path it is referring to being full?