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    VRAM settings for linked clone floating pools

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      We have a ticket open for this issue and awaiting a reply from vmware support.  In the meamtime, maybe someone in the forums can help us with this issue.


      Problem: Configured Pool Video Ram settings not being deployed on win10 desktops.


      vSphere & subsystems infrastructure:

      2 vCenters VCSA 6.5U3f – 1 for VDI 1 for Servers with 1 external PSC VCSA

      Horizon View 7.12 servers and Agents

      Unified Access Gateway 3.4

      NSX Managers 6.46

      Windows 10 Linked Clone pools non persistent desktops

      Appvolumes 2.18

      DEM 9.11 (upgraded from 9.6 last week) – fixed issue of win10 appx disappearing from DEM profiles after second login)

      View Agent 7.12

      PCoiP used with thin clients P25 Wyse


      On our windows 10 link clone pool, we have set 512MB  for VRAM and enable 3d support is Automatic but once win10 desktop are deployed In the pool, only 128MB is being set on VM when doing ‘edit settings’ we should see 512MB total video memory but we only see 128MB, users are experiencing slow PCoIP response and this is a critical problem.


      Is there a limitation for floating pool link clone VRAM?  We didn’t have this issue with win7 dedicated pool which had the same VRAM settings and when editing the win7 in vspehre, 512MB was set as per the pool settings. What could be overwriting the pool settings once vm is deployed?


      Win10 Pool Setttings

      Win10 VRAM pool settings.png



      Win10 vm after recomposed - here we see 128MB where we should see 512


      windows 10 VRAM post deployment.jpg

      Win7 after deployment with same pool settings - perfectly matches the pool settings.


      Windows 7 VRAM - post deployment.jpg