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    Acrobat with the AV 4 client

    CoreyN Novice

      Has anyone successfully captured Acrobat with AV 4? I am specifically using the Acrobat 2017 Classic track in this case. I finished migrating all of my other applications from the 2.x format to 4 and Acrobat is the only one that I'm having problems with - it won't stay licensed no matter what I do.


      The only thing that I've changed is the version of the AV agent installed. It works with the 2.18 agent no problem. It's the same process that I've been using for years of installing, serializing the license using Adobe's provisioning toolkit, etc.. I've even followed their own guide step-by-step and still get the same license error when starting the app on the clones. I'm hoping that maybe someone here has also run into it and has found a solution!