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    Strange behavihour with ESXI 6.5 and disabled cloud-init

    cesarjorgemartinez Lurker



      I'm a simple user of ESXI, not admin or other.


      Then, I have a Linux Image (Centos 7), that deploy in the following ESXI:

      ESXi 6.5 EP 14    ESXi650-201905001    05/14/2019    13635690


      Then, in this image, exist the RPM cloud-init but disabled (/etc/cloud/cloud-init.disabled file) (include, all their systemd units masked).

      When I boot, the personalization script not apply.


      Only apply if I deinstall the cloud-init package (yum erase cloud-init).


      Then, my question is, this version has some bug related to cloud-init?

      The ESXI would be only check if cloud-init is active or not, checking boot parameter or the file existence of /etc/cloud/cloud-init.disabled.

      Because this behavihour? Exist other ESXI 6.5 version, later version 6.5, that check only boot parameter or this file?



      Cesar Jorge