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    VC Windows upgrade to 6.7 - DNS server on VC

    robertandru Lurker

      Hi there,

      I need some help to upgrade VC windows based on 6.5 to 6.7 U3. This has the DNS server on the same system , restricting the upgrade. During the upgrade, when VC needs to reboot, the DNS isn't available and fails the process.

      How can I perform an upgrade in this case? Suggested was to point to an external VC with a DNS server, but it isn't possible in my case or too much work process. Also, the option is to build fresh VCSA and import all data and objects. However, this cannot be done now. Planes to migrate to VCSA are in the next upgrades to the latest version 7.x.

      Any other option?

      Your help will be much appreciated.


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            You really don't have other options. It was a poor decision in the first place to co-locate DNS–a core, critical piece of infrastructure–with vCenter Server. You'll have to rectify that somehow, someway prior to moving forward. The best way you probably do that is deploy a dedicated DNS server (which is what should have happened to begin with) and make it a replica of the existing one. You could then re-point DNS on the co-vCenter/DNS box to this external DNS server, and use that DNS server for the upgrade/migrate wizard of the vCSA.

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              Amin Masoudifard Expert

              Regardless of what version you have and wanna upgrade to what release, co-existence of critical services such as DNS server and vCenter server like your deployment is not a good structure and you should separate them anyway. As a temporary solution to your situation is implementing an additional DNS server include zone and all required records (A, PTR, ...) to use during vCenter reboot.

              However Windows-based vCenter server is not supported any more in recent release (version 7) and you should upgrade it to an Appliance-based (VCSA) soon.

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