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    Accidentally deleted -000001-delta.vmdk file

    madajiq Lurker

      Hi guys,


      I have accidentally deleted 1 -000001-delta.vmdk file from the snapshot browser. Currently i have tried few options including using third party software such as diskinternals but still can't retrieve the lost vmdk file or restore my VM state.


      Currently my VM has these files:


      Is there any other way that I can recover my deleted -000001-delta.vmdk or re-create a new VM with the same settings and import the main VMDK file from the previous snapshot ?



      Below is my previous references but not sure if it is the solution to my problem, but mostly suggest to recreate VM with same settings and import the -flat.vmdk file and everything will be fine.

      Can you recover an accidentally deleted VMDK file?

      How to recover deleted vmdk - best way to proceed?



      Thank you