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    Android for Work - Remove access to voice typing

    Arfer99 Novice

      I have been asked to look at removing access to the voice typing feature on all corporate Android phones.

      The device requires access to remote servers somewhere in the world to help translate the voice into text. These remote servers are a security risk for our organisation and we need to stop this happening.


      Is there a way within WorkspaceOne to restrict/switch off the voice typing feature?

      Either part of the Restriction profile or perhaps ome custom XML code we can upload?


      Many thanks,



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          yajimad Enthusiast



          I think that permission profile might be an option.

          While profile creation, we can choose permission from the left pane and add application into the "Exceptions" section.

          Then click "Configure" link of each apps.

          From the "Configure Permissions" page, we can find a list of permission required by each apps.

          We can set "record audio" to "Deny" if it exists on the list.

          Note: We have to set the "record audio" to "Deny" on each application's "Configure Permissions" page.

          Unfortunately I could not find any other settings to disable voice typing on an android device..