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    Datastore lost after 6.7 to 7.0 Upgrade

    Andi567 Lurker

      Hello dear Community, after upgrading my VMware ESXi from 6.7 to 7.00 with the CLI Online Method, all of my VM's are Unusable because the Datastore is missing. I think it has to do with the lsi megaraid sas 9260-4i Controller that is providing the boot-Drive and the Datastore. I tried to rescan the Devices and looked in the Cli but without luck, I could only see that it was in fact detected by the OS with the "lspci" Command. I could not find anything to the compatibility with 7.0 online, but I hope that somebody here can help me figure this out. Is there any kind of Driver that I can install to detect the Device? We had to Upgrade to 7.0 because our evaluation License ran out on 6.7 and we could only get a free one for 7.0, so we either get the Hardware working with 7.0 or we have to Downgrade, Secure and switch our Hardware. Thanks in advance for the Help, its much appreciated!! Best regards, Andreas