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    How to easily evacuate Datastores that have replicated VMs without re-configuring replication?

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      Hi All,



      I'm reconfiguring a datastore cluster (converting DSs from VMFS5>6), which is a destination for replicated VMs. I'm leaving the DS cluster in place, therefore I put one DS in maintenance and move all active VMs off to a new VMFS6 DS in that Cluster.  Normally you can put the DS in maintenance and all the VMs will migrate to another DS in that DS cluster because of storage DRS. Well that's not the case for the replicated VMs.  


      So now I have to manually re-configure 200 VMs to point to a DS that I choose (preferably a new VMFS 6 DS) , which is very time consuming.  I also have a 50% success rate on reconfigure, most of the time I have to remove the VM from replication and re-add it back in.


      Any ideas on how to automate this process or have those replicated VMs move off the DS that is in maintenance mode?


      I'm running vsphere rep 8.3