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    Mouse cursor gets STUCK in VM

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      VMware Fusion 11.5.5 on macOS Catalina. When a virtual machine is booted, the mouse cursor often gets STUCK in the VM. This occurs with Windows and Linux guests.


      The mouse remains STUCK until you do both of these things: (1) push Command+Control to manually release mouse cursor, and (2) Resize the VM window.


      If you don't resize the VM window, clicking back in the window makes mouse cursor STUCK again.

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          This can be two things (from the top of my head)


          1. VMware Tools isn't properly installed and is having issues, or

          - in this case more likely as you report to see this on more than 1 VM -

          2. The mouse settings under menu "VMware Fusion" -> Preferences -> Gaming are not set to "Auto-detect mouse for games"


          hope this helps,



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