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    VIO Containers integration

    christian23 Lurker

      Hi VMware,

      I would like to understand your stategic idea about containers integration in VIO.

      In the next release an integration will be present? openstack has a module ZUN, there is an integration with NSX-T and Tanzu or K8s?

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          daphnissov Guru
          Community WarriorsvExpert

          I can't speak on the question about VIO, but a couple points of clarity in general:


          • This is a community forum. While there are VMware employees who contribute, it is not an official outlet.
          • Futures for products cannot really be discussed in a public forum such as these. If you are interested in roadmap and future items, your best path is probably going to be to speak with your TAM or account manager and ask for an NDA briefing from VMware.
          • The term "Tanzu" is a portfolio of offerings. It is not a product. There are many Kubernetes offerings that fall under the Tanzu umbrella, and they are very different.
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            christian23 Lurker

            Thank you,

            I will send a support request to VIO team from official VMware support licence ui.