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    Alert only on VMs in a Folder

    dalehassinger Lurker

      I would like to create an Alert that only happens for VMs that are in a Folder that has a Custom Attribute.


      Folder Name: CitrixServers

      Custom Folder Attribute: Citrix_Folder = True


      I have a Super Metric for VM Uptime HRS.


      Alert would happen with these two symptoms

      If Uptime_HRS greater than 24 and with VMs in folder where attribute Citrix_Folder = True


      I don't want to TAG VMs because I don't create VMs. I don't know when they would add new VMs.


      I don't know how to create a symptom that only select VMs in the specific folder based on attribute.


      Any help would be appreciated.

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          sxnxr Expert

          Alerts are assigned to objects using policies. If you want to have specific alerts on specific objects you will need to create a new policy (ideally a sub policy off you main and disable the alerts in the main and enable them in the sub then create a custom group and add the objects into the group and apply the sub policy and make sure the sub policy is higher in the priority list.


          Make sure to read up on policies before you attempt this