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    vROps is not showing appropriate creation time for Alerts

    akshayshinde Lurker

      If we create an instance at xx:yy time-stamp it will take few cycles to fetch and display in UI.

      The alerts generated in Storage-box between the instance creation time(in vROps) and initial poling time will displayed with same creation time on vROps.


      We have programmed to map Alert-Notified Timestamp from Storage-box to vROps Alert creation time.

      But vROps is displaying Alert creation time as the time when the Alert created on vROps server.

      Please find below code snippet.


      private void postAlert(final Alert alert, final AdapterBase adapterInstance) {
           final Param vcopsAlertParam = new Param(resourceConfig, alert.getNotifiedTimestamp(), alert.getMessage() + " and the source of this alert is " + alert.getSource());
           VropsAlertsFactory.createAlert(vcopsAlertParam, adapterInstance, logger);
      public static void createAlert(final Param alertsParam, AdapterBase adapterInstance, org.apache.log4j.Logger logger) {
           createAlertOrNotificationEvent(adapterInstance, alertsParam.getResourceConfig(), alertsParam.getDate(),
           alertsParam.getMessage(), true, logger);


      Still the timestamp of the alert in vROps will be displayed when the alert has been generated in  vROps