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    Moving VCSA and hosts to new network.  What the best procedure or strategy?

    aj800 Novice

      I'm looking for the best strategy for moving our vCenter Appliance to a new management subnet (subnet B), and that VCSA is currently on the same subnet as the hosts in the cluster (subnet A).  Our setup is below.


      Environment (1 cluster):

      3 ESXi 6.5 hosts on subnet A

      1 VCSA 6.5 on subnet A

      Management (subnet B) is firewalled/routed from subnet A




      How do I change the IP/Hostname of the VCSA to one in subnet B, and still manage the hosts in subnet A?  What ports are required for a firewall for the VCSA to manage them, and if I want to change the hosts to subnet B, will I need to remove them from the cluster, change their IPs/hostnames and then add them back?