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    Horizon Skyline account - Insufficient Privileges error

    VentziP Novice


      I'm on Skyline 2.4 and Horizon View version 7.10. I have configured all connections servers in slyline, but I don't see any logs. I'm getting the error message in Log Assist TAB.

      I review the KB and I have assign both role to my skyline account.

      The other weird thing I see is that I have 3 connections servers that are defined in Slyline admin, but in Log Assist Tab I see 9. All 3 are listed 3 times each with that error message above.

      I'm wondering if anyone face the same problem or what will be the fix for that?


      Thanks in advance.

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          Hello VentziP


          Welcome to VMware Communities.

          The following privileges are required for support log bundle collection by Skyline Log Assist in 2.4 version.

          • Administrator (read-only) role
          • Collect Operation Logs


          1. Open the Horizon 7 Administrator console.
          2. Navigate to View Configuration > Administrators.
          3. Click on the Roles tab.
          4. Click on Add Role.
          5. Enter a name and description for the custom role.

            NOTE: Skyline Collector version 2.3 requires the role name of "LogCollector". The Skyline Collector v2.3 explicitly looks for the role name "LogCollector" when a log transfer request is initiated from Skyline to a Horizon Connection Server. You can avoid this requirement by using Skyline Collector version 2.4.
          6. Select the Collect Operations Log from the privilege list.
          7. Save the role.
          8. Click on the Administrators and Groups tab, then click Add User or Group.
          9. For the new user, click on Add Permission. Select the Administrators (read-only).
          10. Click Save.

          Please wait for up to 48 hours for the inventory to start showing the updated details later RE-VALIDATE log assist from skyline and check.

          If the same issue appears, please fill the below form with your account details and share for further analysis.

          Smartsheet Forms



          Triveni Shanwad

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            VentziP Novice

            I follow the directions, but still the same issue. I upgraded our Horizon View to 7.12 and again change the settings by removing that requirement for LogCollector name by creating a new role. Still got the same Privilege error.

            Submit Smartsheet form as well.