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    Enabling vSAN on vCenter 7 [newbie question]

    Lucas_Rey Novice

      Hello community,

      here there is a newbie, so be patient


      I'm trying to enable vSAN on vCenter 7 but I'm failing even reading tutorial or user manual, simply because I can't find any vSAN menu in configuration:


      Image 001.png


      I used the OVA VM image, to install a clean vCenter.


      Now, if I deploy vCenter from VCSA to ESXi node, I can install/configure vSAN and after that I have the related menu. I got QuickStart and vSAN menu and submenu.


      Image 001.png


      Image 002.png


      My question is, what I miss when I use ova image? Why I can't see the vSAN menu? I compared the configuration between them, and I can't find any differences. Is there any guide I can follow?


      Thank you