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    VirtualCenter Suggestions

    Ken.Cline Champion

      Here are some suggestions for future versions of VC:


      Host | Summary Panel, Networks subpanel:


        Only about half of the available space is used to

        display network names. Longer network names are

        truncated when there is LOTS of real estate still



      Performance Panel - All:


        Show the granularity of the displayed information

        (i.e. 5 minute moving average)


        Show vertical makers at reasonable intervals  to

        make it easier to see when an event occurred (i.e.

        on the one day chart, dividers for each hour - for

        the one week chart, dividers for each day)


        When charting by item is used (i.e. by CPU / by I/O

        device, etc.), make the legend "live" so that I can

        select an item and have it highlighted (much like

        you can do in PerfMon)


      Events Pane:


        When an event is selected, use word wrap in the

        Event Details panel rather than horizontal scrolling


      Individual VM Summary Panel:


        IP Address - either allow for the selection of the

        NIC to show the IP address for, or better yet, show

        ALL IP addresses (I have several VMs that are clustered

        and the IP address that is shown is that of the

        private network - doesn't do me a whole lot of good!)


      Edit VM Properties:


        When adding a Hard Drive, you cannot specify the

        SCSI ID (bug report opened on this one). You don't

        specify the SCSI ID until after you click "Finish"

        in the wizard - confusing. After you click "Finish"

        in the wizard, the newly created disk is (temporarily)

        labeled with the same name as another defined disk

        (i.e. I already have two HD's, I add another and it's

        called "Hard Disk 2").  If I add a hard disk with a

        lower SCSI ID than an existing HD, then the device

        names get rearranged (i.e. if I have Hard Disk 1

        (scsi0:0) and Hard Disk 2 (scsi 1:0) defined and then

        add scsi0:1, the newly added disk becomes Hard Disk

        2 (scsi0:1) and the \_old_ HD2 becomes Hard Disk 3

        (scsi 1:0)


        When adding a virtual disk, you cannot specify the

        datastore to put it on. I often want/need to spread

        my .dsk files across multiple LUNs to balance I/O

        or for space reasons.


        You cannot change the Virtual Device type for a

        scsi controller once it has been created.


        When adding a NIC, you aren't offered the chance

        to specify the adapter type (vlance/vmxnet) until

        after you click "Finish" in the wizard. This is

        confusing and will lead to a lot of people leaving

        the type as "vlance".  Can you change the default

        from vlance to vmxnet???


        Configuration changes aren't committed until you

        click OK, which takes you out of the Edit dialog.

        Add an "Apply" button to commit changes without

        backing out of the Edit dialog.


      Thanks, just my $0.02 worth...


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          Ken.Cline Champion

          Still more[/i] suggestions:


          On the Host Summary Panel: show the number of VCPUs currently active on the host. I have a host with 57 VMs and 71 VCPUs. It would be nice to know when I approach the magical 80 VCPU number.


          On the Farm Summary Panel: The Resource Volatility graph is useless in its current form. I have the following resource changes over the past week:


              CPU:     +867%

              Disk:    +1900%

              Network: +8%


          All three of these show the same[/b] bar graph! I would also like to see a consolidated view of resouce usage across the farm (i.e. CPU/Memory/Disk/Network all on the same display).


          It would also be good to have a Farm-wide view of available space on data stores by host. This would help simplify expansion planning.


          I would like to be able to generate some simple reports directly from VC, rather than having to use a database reporting tool. A simple inventory report would be great! Even better would be the ability to export any list that is produced in the right-hand pane (much like the ability to export a list in the DNS MMC snapin).

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            Ken.Cline Champion

            OK, just two wmore - I swear! (For now...)


            Since there is a hard limit of 32 connections per virtual switch, please show how many are currently in use. In the ESX 2.1 MUI, the number of connections per port group is shown, but not the number per switch. In VC I don't see the number of connections at all...


            In addition to VMotion, enable migration between hosts that ARE NOT connected to the same SAN. I realize that the VM would have to be powered down to accomplish this, and that the transfer would have to go across the network and would be relatively slow; however, this would enable me to migrate VMs between farms (such as from DEV to QA to PRD) without having to jump out to the console. Basically, put a pretty front-end onto scp... (If you really wanted to get slick, provide the ability to translate configurations between farms: for example, I name my VMFS as DEV-SAN-Public-xxx-## in my development environment, but in QUA it's called QUA-SAN-Public-xxx-## - similar for networks. Allow a mapping file for on-the-fly translations)