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    iSCSI vs NFS

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      VMware has not released this paper's new version since 2012 - https://www.vmware.com/content/dam/digitalmarketing/vmware/en/pdf/techpaper/storage_protocol_comparison-white-paper.pdf 


      I went though some old post & got sense from all that NFS is better for below reasons


      1. Easy Setup

      2. Easy to expand

      3. UNMAP is advantage on iSCSI

      4. VMFS is quite fragile if you use Thin provisioned VMDKs. A single powerfailure can render a VMFS-volume unrecoverable.

      5. NFS datastores immediately show the benefits of storage efficiency (deduplication, compresson, thin provisioning) from both the NetApp and vSphere perspectives

      6. Netapp specific : The NetApp NFS Plug-In for VMware is a plug-in for ESXi hosts that allows them to use VAAI features with NFS datastores on ONTAP

      7. Netapp specific : NFS has autogrow

      8. When using NFS datastores, space is reclaimed immediately when a VM is deleted

      9. Performance is almost identical


      Please list out if i miss anything & share comments