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    One AD user in VDI always shows printer driver missing and install

    ramachandrankesp Novice

      Hi Team,


      We have install Horizon View Server and joined to our AD. We created Desktop pools in floating assignment type and joined to our AD.


      We have a printer server which has available drivers. We map printers inside printer server via GPO and when a user logged in to VDI, it will show all the printers in devices and printers menu.


      We have a situation that only one user and that too with that particular printer not able do a print. A test print also didn't work, and if I click on printer properties it shows driver not installed on the computer.


      I noticed that I have connected to same VDI VM and I am able to print. I have tested with other user as well.


      What could be the issue in this case?


      Please note that we didn't map any printers via DEM console and only via GPO.