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    Issue with application when writable volume attached

    joshpughSG Lurker

      I have a really strange issue with one of our applications Ansys. This is the scenario:


      - Ansys virtualized into own application appstack works fine

      - Users writable disk is created at login this volume works alongside the Ansys application appstack

      - After maybe a week of use Ansys meshing process stops working

      - If removing the users writable then the meshing works just fine

      - If delete user writable and let it recreate issue goes away then reoccurs after some time



      Fixes tried:

      -Update new writable template

      - Add UWP exclusions for Ansys as per here: VMware Knowledge Base

      - Rebuilt appstack for Ansys

      - Remove writable VMDK directly - interestingly this causes Ansys to break


      It would appear something in the writable is interacting with Ansys but it's very difficult to pinpoint this since this isn't reproducable for all users.