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    Player 15.5.2 won't install on Fedora 32

    kissanej Enthusiast

      Has anybody has any success installing the Player on the latest release of Fedora? Looking this is the issue in the installer log but I'm unsure how to try & troubleshoot it.




      [2020-05-25 09:52:20,224] Traceback (most recent call last):


        File "/tmp/vmis.E8hU8L/install/vmware-installer/vmis/db.py", line 31, in decorator

          return func(*args, **kwargs)


        File "/tmp/vmis.E8hU8L/install/vmware-installer/vmis/db.py", line 478, in Add

          cur = self._db.execute(statement, (path, mtime, fileType, component))


        File "/tmp/vmis.E8hU8L/install/vmware-installer/vmis/db.py", line 233, in execute

          return self._db.execute(query, args)


      sqlite3.IntegrityError: UNIQUE constraint failed: files.path