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    ESXi does not allow to pass my RTX 2080 ti from host os (linux + qemu + kvm + vfio) to a new VM

    marietto2008 Novice



      I'm running ESXi 7 on top of my Linux Ubuntu / qemu / kvm / vfio configuration. I have replicated the same configuration that I usually use for running Windows 10 guest on top of qemu / kvm configured for sharing my RTX 2080 ti graphic card between ubuntu host and windows 10 guest os,with small changes. good. Now I would like to know how can I pass my graphic card to a new windows 10 VM created in ESXi 7.0 because the web interface says that all my devices are not capable of doing SR-IOV and they can't be passed,as u can see from the image attached below. I went also in maintenance mode to assign the device,because I saw in some video tutorials that this is the method to do that,but it didn't work. I read somewhere can I can pass the graphic card also if my motherboard is not SR-IOV enabled. is this true ? thanks.