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    About vMotion on vSphere6.7

    Islanders Novice

      I want to know does vMotion on vSphere6.7 still require a common share storage?


      I setup my lab as following. I have one Master ESXi6.7 and then I install two nested ESXi6.7 in the master call ESXi-1a and ESXi-2a.

      There is a small VM running in ESXi-2a. I config vmkernel for vMotion for them.

      ESXi-1a has vmkernel port# and ESXi-2a has vmkernal port#


      When the vm power off then I able to vMotion from ESXi-2a to ESXi1a , but when the vm power on then I won't able to vMotion them?


      Any idea?


      Thank you


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