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    ESXi 7.0: UEFI Network boot via IPv6 missing

    zajDee Lurker

      Dear VMware community,


      I have just installed VMware ESXi 7.0 to perform a PoC of running the hypervisor as well as VMs oIPv6-only network. Now I have come across the issue where when I start the virtual machine, the internal UEFI code just attempts to boot via IPv4: I only see >>Start PXE over IPv4 and not the typical >>Start PXE over IPv6.


      Has the IPv6 code been omitted from ESXi UEFI boot code?

      Is there a version of UEFI for ESXi which would enable this feature?

      Or is there perhaps something I have missed in the ESXi configuration? (Note that the ESXi itself runs fine via IPv6-only access, so does any installed system such as Windows or Linux. It's just the UEFI boot code that lacks support for boot over an IPv6-only network.)


      Thank you all for pointers on how to achieve this.



      Radek Zajic