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    vCenter 6.5 U1 upgrade not showing the hosts physical adapters

    Dito Lurker

      I've just upgraded vcenter to 6.5 U1 Photon appliance from a physical windows version 5.5, after day long run of migration assistant that seemed have succeeded at first. But now I cannot use HA in my hosts, they are in bad state and cannot migrate, nor boot machines, they have been up and running during the migration and they are still in this state.


      My hosts are not showing the physical adapters in the VDS, BUT they are working, they only have VDS, the VMs on them are tagged to the right vlans, but I don't see the hosts vmkernels either, I can ping them, but since vcenter cannot recognize the physical adapters for some reason, it doesn't show them under the port group nor the VDS it's supposed to have the vmkernel on

      If I shut down the VMs, I cannot boot them back up because the host's state. And I cannot even migrate them to other hosts.


      the hosts are HP ProLiant DL385p Gen8, these are quad pci cards and onboard interfaces (HP Ethernet 1Gb 4-port 331FLR Adapter - HP NC365T 4-port Ethernet Server Adapter).


      The hosts were and still are 5.5.0 9919047, they were running HPE version, installed long time ago. It's vcenter that cannot read the right info.


      And the new Photon appliance, is running on one of them.


      What's next?

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          Dito Lurker

          we resolved this by removing hosts, restart all the agents on the hosts with "services.sh restart"


          we also deleted a giant log file in /tmp before upon agents restart, we couldn't connect directly to the host


          once we deleted the big log "mili....log" we restarted the services properly again and then we re-added the hosts.


          We couldn't reboot as vcenter 6.5 appliance is running on one of them and vmkernel for migration wasn't available.


          Once we re-added the esxi host in vcenter, we were able to see adapter, but they didn't have VDS assigned

          we re-assigned the vmnic to the dvuplink in the VDS (adding.managing hosts), they needed to re-assigned to the dvuplinks


          once assigned we migrated the vmkernel into the mgmt vlan


          it seems now it found HA heartbeat again, but the VMs didn't show inside the VDS, we found out "editing" each VM, without touching anything, clicking ok, was putting them back into the VDS


          We did all of this via the HTML5 portal of vcetner 6.5 (and of course ESX shell on the hosts).