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    server pools: first up, then down

    ChrisOk Novice

      Dear all,

      I experience problems while setting up a simple virtual server for loadbalancing at

      • Tier-1 gateway
      • LB InLine (VIP and server pool IP addresses are within the same subnet)


      So, let´s start within NSX-T Manager (Networking => Network Services => Load Balancing)

      1. step: load balancer created

      2. step: "ADD SERVER POOL": www.mydomain.com => Status "Up"

      3. step: "ADD VIRTUAL SERVERS": "add ip" => Port 443 => L7 HTTP => Load Balancer => Server Pool

      Everything with default settings.


      What happens next is:

      - After saving the virtual server, it doesn´t go up. Instead, within "SERVER POOLS", the virtual server which was former "Up" is now "Down".


      I can repeat this with any internal or external domain, port 80 or 443, it doesn´t tmatter; may it be as virtual server or within "Sorry Server Pool". As soon those server pools are used within VIRTUAL SERVERS, the show as "Down".


      Perhaps someone had this problem, aswell?