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    Managing MacOS devices and Device wipe

    lawrencechow Lurker


      We are currently try to manage more of our Mac fleet and was wondering if the Device wipe function works with Macbooks enrolled to WSone

      I understand that the manual method for this would be to set into recovery mode, erase disk and reinstall the OS

      I'm wondering if WSone is actually able to do this as have attempted this and just stays in "device wipe pending" state


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          rterakedis Hot Shot
          VMware Employees

          lawrencechow - Yes, Workspace ONE can perform a device wipe on macOS.   I have seen problems with it in the past in the following scenarios:


          1. The device was enrolled as "employee-owned" and the Privacy settings in the console prevent device wipe on employee-owned devices.
          2. There used to be a dependency on having the recovery partition created on the device.   I remember a few years back when imaging/cloning macOS was more popular, some folks were removing the recovery partition and if this was the case the command wouldn't succeed because the recovery partition was missing.   I haven't seen it come up lately, but most folks aren't imaging machines anymore because of recent hardware changes breaking these processes.
          3. The device actually needs to be online on the Internet in order to get the command from Workspace ONE


          The wipe should basically leave the device in a non-bootable state.  You'll need to reinstall macOS for sure.

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            rahulsaha Lurker


            We had a complaint from a user about not being able to delete files that Boxer stores in its Files location.  I tested and it seems I am unable to delete files either.  It gives you the option to delete the file but if you leave and come back to the Files location in Boxer the deleted file re-appears. http://[url=https://customerfeedbackx.com/mcdvoice]mcdvoice[/url] [url=https://customerfeedbackx.com/mybkexperience]mybkexperience[/url] [url=https://customerfeedbackx.com/tellhappystar]tellhappystar[/url] I am not sure where these are stored and what would cause someone to not be able to delete the files. I am curious if anyone else has run into this issue also.  Is there a setting in Workspace ONE that may be causing this issue?  I do not see any options that jump out at me with regards to this setting anywhere.  If you need more information, please let me know.