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    New-ContentLibraryItem OVA import fails with "certificate is not trusted"

    andreir Novice

      Hi all,


      using VMware.PowerCLI Core on Linux VM. Trying to import an item into vCenter content librarywhich fails with "The certificate is self-signed. The certificate is not trusted..". The certificate check is set to "Ignore" in PowerCLI configuration.


      I don't see any options in New-ContentLibraryItem cmdlet to allow untrusted cert. How can I get the OVA imported when vCenter cert is self-signed? Thanks!





      PS /home/user> $localContentLibrary = Get-ContentLibrary -Name 'Local library'


      PS /home/user> New-ContentLibraryItem -ContentLibrary $localContentLibrary -Name 'nsx-unified-appliance-' -Files "./tmp/nsx-unified-appliance-"

      An error occurred while trying to update content library item's files. For more details check the inner exception.


      vCenter error:

      The import of library item 48d9ec5f-5fae-4905-adb1-2bbfa2d5aee1 has failed. Reason: The certificate is self-signed. The certificate is not trusted..


      PS /home/user/tmp> Get-PowerCLIConfiguration | select  InvalidCertificateAction