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    Boxer on iOS < 13.5

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      we're currently blocking the native iOS email app because of the recent vulnerability. As an alternative we rolled out Boxer.


      But now that Apple has released iOS 13.5 we want to allow the native email app again, but only for devices with iOS 13.5... So I set up an email compliance rule that blocks all older iOS versions and only allows 13.5 and up.


      But what isn't clear is what happens now with older iOS devices that can't be updated to iOS 13.5 that currently are using Boxer. Will Boxer keep working on those devices, even if they are running an older version of iOS ?

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          If you have set a compliance policy to allow only iOS 13.5 + to access your email system, it is then independent from the application used to access it.

          The compliance rule should block any device below iOS 13.5 to access the mails, wether they're trying to reach out from the native mail app or Boxer or any other mail client.

          To answer your question, from my understanding, devices that cannot be updated to iOS 13.5 will not be able to connect to the mail through Boxer or Native mail.