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    vSAN Support Insight on vxRAIL

    sandroalvesbrasil Enthusiast



      We noticed that (Online health) was offline.


      So we enabled (vSAN Support Insight) and noticed that (Online health) went online after a while.


      But in conversation with the Dell / EMC team they say that it is not necessary to enable this option because the vxRail Manager solution already has its environmental health checker.


      However, as the administration of VMware is the responsibility of the end user and not of Dell / EMC we are in the dispute as to whether it is valid to speak or not.


      I understand that this option is important for when you have a contract with the VMware support team, that is, they use this information to support you in case of a problem.


      But as the vxRail solution is from Dell / EMC that uses the VMware hypervisor I understand that this option regardless of whether it is Dell / EMC or VMware that will provide me with support is important to be enabled, as it can be used for the need to assess the environment.


      Does anyone have any information about this?


      Thank you.