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    VRealize Outbound email setup

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      I've recently started at a company and am in the process of trying to pull their servers and setup from the dark ages into something more modern. Along with VCenter 6.0, they are running VRealize Version They've been using this, from what I can tell, for no more than dashboard alerting. I'd like to get email alerts running on this in the interim so I can get everything to a stable footing before I start replacing everything. All that being said, I am having real problems trying to configure the email setup. I'm pointing it at an external STMP relay that I've set up while I get things sorted. All other devices that I've needed to setup email alerting on are using the same setup. There is nothing blocking this outbound in the FW.

      When I click on Outbound Settings / + / Standard email plugin / Fill in all the details then press test, I am just given the error: "Test was not successful. Failed to connect to email server". Checking the firewall shows that it never even got that far so something is bugged in VRealize as regardless of what I choose, the connection attempt is never made.

      Has anyone else experienced this before or have any solutions? I appriciate this version is quite old but it's a case of working with what I have at the moment!

      Thanks for any help you can offer.

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          I really like what you are doing. I'll try to help you. Open up on SSH session to vROPs and go to /data/vcops/log. Tail the analytics-XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.log file. And see if you can find anyting strange. Be sure to replace the XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX with your data.


          I must say if the error message is that vROPs can't reach the SMTP server then that usually means it can't reach it.


          Have you tried both SSL/TLS? With and without auth?