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    VLAN Setup with Meraki

    Mitte Lurker


      we have a problem with VLAN on the VMWare side. The hosts are connected to a Meraki MS250-48LP. The ports on the Meraki switch are trunking and configured for native VLAN 0, VLAN 1 and 177. A new port group was created in vSphere with VLAN 177. The connected VMs can communicate with each other, but not beyond. Devices that are in this VLAN and are not in the VSAN cluster have no problem with communication. I tried some options already, but the communication between ESXi hosts and Meraki Switch does not work as far as tagged VLANs are concerned. The uplink to Meraki is trunking with range 0 to 4094 (default).   Anyone got an idea?  Thanks in advance.