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    vCenter 7.0 wrong build version

    mariss35 Novice

      So i have build playground with 7.0 versions before actually moving prod to new version. Yesterday i encountered weird thing.


      1. web client notification popped up , that there is new update for vCenter (thats really nice thing!)

      2. since from default repos for vCenter nothing is being picked up i downloaded iso manually and patched appliance that way.

      3. appliance patched without any issues and shows build version - build 16189094

      4. web client still keep popping alert that patch is available and showing that build version is 16189207


      what confuses hell out of me why the patched version (16189094) shows build number lesser than unpatched version (16189207)


      p.s. initially it was installed from iso available in VMUG Adv repo (VMware-VCSA-all-7.0.0-15952498)


      suggestions , how to fix that versioning missmatch ?



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