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    Require VPN traffic only (prevent IP leakage)

    Explosions14242d Lurker

      Goal: Force all traffic on my Win 7 VM to only go through my VPN.

      My VM runs on a local PC (only VM will use VPN). I've custom desktop software in the VM communicating with an API so a killswitch like VPNCheck Pro wont work as it only closes your web browser if the VPN goes down.

      Its mandatory that the VM cannot access the internet without the VPN. IP leakage absolutely cannot be allowed for security reasons. The API the VM is talking to can never see my real IP, only my VPN.

      I need help on how to set this up. Do I change router rules? Make changes in CMD? Setup advanced firewall rules? How exactly do I do this? Can someone walk me through this?

      If anyone has any extra time please feel free to PM me, as I understand it may take some time to set specific rules.


      -VPN provider: 24vc

      -Win 7 VmWare [Network Adapter: Bridged]

      -SoftEther VPN client manager (VPN software)

      -VPNCheck Pro (killswitch)