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    How to group all child processes of a Thinstalled app together to appear as a single process in host?

    toca1337 Enthusiast

      Long ago, with older versions of ThinApp / Thinstall, the virtualized app will appear ONLY as a SINGLE application or process to the host. All child processes called by the virtualized app will not appear as separate processes seen by the host in Windows (visible from Task Manager).


      Is there a switch in ThinApp 5.x that allows me to toggle this behavior so that a single virtualized app will "combine" all of its child processes such that the host sees only a single process / app running? For example, Firefox 68.x spawns at least 6 separate processes on start, all of which appear as 6 different "Firefox" processes to the host. This makes the Task Manager in the host Windows very difficult to read when I have multiple virtualized apps running.