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    Where can I find a list of alertDefinitionIds for vRops?

    edge360_dev Lurker

      I've been working on integrating vRops alerts with a windows client our customer uses.  The idea is to monitor the vRops alerts coming in and filter it so that we only get the alerts we want.  Once we find an alert with a specific alertDefinitionId I can filter the alerts based on that alertDefinitionId.  I've searched the vRops UI, Googled it multiple times and I've only been able to find a list of alertDefinitionNames in vRops.  I am unable to find a list of all the alertDefinitionIds which would make things a lot easier.  As it is now, I have to manually sort through the list of alerts in the vRops UI and look for alerts that match what I'm looking for.  Once I find them, I have to generate them with a console app and then I can programatically see what the alertDefinitionId is.  This method is really slow.  Can someone please tell me where I can find a list of all the alertDefinitionIds in vRops?  I would greatly appreciate it.  Thanks!