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    Fail in vCenter server 6.0.0

    WendelF Lurker

      Hi, first sorry for my bad English.

      I have a vCenter version 6.0.0 with two ESXi version 6.0.0 with enterprise plus license here in my company.

      It turns out that for some time now a failure started (error 503) when trying to open vCenter through the vSphere Client and I was also unable to access the "http://vCenter:5480".

      Researching here in the community I saw that the failure could be caused by a full partition in the vCenter Server Appliance. Through some commands I was able to find and clear some log files that were occupying the entire space of at least two partitions.

      My access to vCenter: 5480 is back to normal but I still have no access to vCenter.

      Through some more research I found that several Vcenter services are not running. I tried to force the services to start, but I got an error and also restarted the aplliance virtual machine a few times but without success.



      I think that an update in vCenter to the latest version available and compatible with my license (6.7) could solve the problem. What do you think? Could it affect my virtual machines (approximately 25 VMs) installed on the hosts?


      I have the license applied to my vCenter but I don't have it noted. Who installed it was another person who is no longer in the company. I need to get this license somehow. Do you have a command that can get that license number through a command via telnet?


      Thank you,