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    ESXi 7.0 VM won't boot ISOs to install Windows or Linux

    trmentry Lurker

      So I have a weird issue.  I just installed ESXi 7.0 on a new server.  MIgrated my VMs from my 6.7 server over and they are running fine and happy.


      I went to make a new VM today for a windows 10.   I downloaded the latest ISO from MS.  Uploaded it to the Datastore.

      Created the VM was 7.0 hardware (the default) but it will not boot the ISO.  Says no media on the DVD.     Tried with 18.04 Ubuntu and 20.04 Ubuntu.   Same situation.


      However if I create the VM as 6.7 hardware... it boots those ISOs fine.     I can't seem to figure out why and googling around isn't getting me much. 


      I'm debating on now re-installing my server to 6.7 and bin 7.0, but wanted to ask before I did if there is something I'm missing for this.


      Thanks for your time.